1 January 1970

The Race in Space Featuring Dr Joseph O'Leary

EOS Space Systems' Dr Joseph O'Leary, joins Dr Jill Seubert of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on a Future Work Summit 2022 panel discussion.

With so much activity in space, how do we keep track of it all? There is a proliferation of satellite technology and a boom of space-based services. With this comes a rise in space debris which in itself is an issue, before we consider the impact of the debris colliding and creating even more debris hindering our space-based activities.

So how do we predict the location of near-earth objects?  As we send more spacecraft into deep space we continue to manage their navigation from earth because spacecraft can’t tell time. What progress are we making in having spacecraft navigate themselves? What does the level of investment in space-related research and development deliver for industry and what is required to build the workforce to mitigate any risks and embrace the opportunities these opportunities present?