23 March 2022

SpaceLink Wins Satellite Mobile Innovation Award

McLean, Va. – March 23, 2022 – SpaceLink, a company that provides real-time optical links for spacecraft on orbit, was honored with a Satellite Mobile Innovation award at the annual MSUA awards luncheon held yesterday in conjunction with Satellite 2022. SpaceLink was selected to receive the “Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Innovation” by a panel of satellite industry experts who carefully considered a highly competitive field of nominees.

The prestigious Satellite Mobile Innovation Awards is a highlight of the year for the Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA), a non-profit organization with a mission to promote satellite innovation worldwide. SpaceLink was nominated in multiple categories for its innovative satellite relay system, which provides secure, continuous, high-bandwidth communications between spacecraft and the ground.

“This year’s award winners bring an extraordinary range of mobile solutions to commercial, government, enterprise, and consumer users,” said Lisa Dreher, President, MSUA. “The realm of mobile communications has grown to include vehicles on orbit, which is an exciting new segment of the industry. SpaceLink earned the attention of our illustrious judges panel for its contribution to addressing the growing demand for on orbit communications.”

The SpaceLink relay system is designed to augment the national security transport layer from Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and it accommodates both tasking and the huge flow of information that satellite operators need so they can provide their customers with the intelligence to make split second decisions.

The “Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Innovation” goes to organizations that have taken on significant business or technical challenges with the potential to transform the space and satellite industry. For mobile users, such as commercial space stations, SpaceLink will provide a continuous link for real-time, always on communications.

“SpaceLink is honored to receive the “Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Innovation”, said Dave Bettinger, Chief Executive Officer of SpaceLink. “Just like cars, planes and ships at sea, spacecraft on orbit need continuous connectivity. As the demand for bandwidth in space continues to grow, SpaceLink will be there with a 10-Tbps on orbit optical cloud connecting spacecraft ranging from high altitude platforms to the Moon and beyond.”

SpaceLink is building a constellation of relay satellites in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) that use optical intersatellite links for real time tasking and access to the huge flow of information that satellite operators need to provide to their customers for the intelligence to make split second decisions.

About MSUA

The Mobile Satellite Users Association is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting the interests of users of satellite services for mobile communication, navigation, and safety worldwide. The association fosters the exchange of news, information, and ideas among and between users, suppliers of equipment and services, operators of satellite systems, and the various entities affecting the future of the industry. MSUA sponsors the annual Satellite Mobility Innovation Awards, celebrating the top anticipated and market-proven advancements in satellite services, and collaborates with conference organizers around the world to shape and facilitate conference programming dedicated to the users of satellite services. We invite you to join MSUA and to take part in our community. Visit msua.org to learn more.

About SpaceLink

SpaceLink will help advance humanity to a new age of space commerce, exploration, environmental awareness, and security. The Always in Sight™ data relay system provides global coverage to empower space system operators to maximize use of their assets. SpaceLink Corporation is headquartered in the Washington DC area and has offices in Silicon Valley, California. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited, a public company traded on the Australian stock exchange.