EOS is a world-leader in the design, construction and operation of satellite laser ranging (SLR) stations.

Satellite laser ranging tracks satellites in orbit with exceptional precision, measuring movements at the millimetre level. This technique is crucial for determining satellite orbits accurately, which is essential in geodesy, environmental monitoring and establishing global coordinate systems such as the GPS.

EOS SLR stations contain state-of-the-art lasers, timing systems, beam directors and full automated software, all developed in-house. Our end-to-end approach to the SLR station development combined with our extensive domain expertise, positions EOS SLR products among the highest performing worldwide.

As a prominent member of the International Laser Ranging Services (ILRS) network, we have been providing data to Geoscience Australia since 2004 from our Mt Stromlo facility. EOS has gained a reputation for providing turnkey SLR stations of the highest quality, successfully deploying these stations to clients in Europe and Asia.


  • Automated and remote controlled
  • Network synchronised tracking
  • Ranging to high and low satellites with few-millimetres resolution
  • Standard systems of 1 m aperture
  • Weatherproof in operation
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