2 November 2020

Sanderson's seeds of success

EOS Defence Systems' Grant Sanderson is heading a high-tech company specialising in remote weapon stations, in a role almost predestined by his background.

Julian Kerr journalist for The Australian interviewed Grant Sanderson recently for an article featured in the publication's Defence Special Report

Article excerpt:

The son of former Army Chief Lieutenant-General John Sanderson, the 55-year-old CEO spent 25 years in the army, primarily in infantry battalions and Special Forces but also in Army Headquarters and Force Development, leaving in 2007 as a Lieutenant-Colonel.

Four years with Thales working on development of the Bushmaster and Hawkei protected vehicles was followed by four years with Elbit Systems focusing on battle management systems, and two years as a private consultant, with Canberra-based EOS as one of his clients.

There he helped chart the international expansion of the company’s defence business, in particular into North America and South-East Asia, and was subsequently asked by EOS Group chief executive Ben Greene to head the global Defence Systems business from January 2018 and execute the strategies he had helped develop.