Weapons for the wars of the future

By Nicholas Stuart, The Canberra Times

The article says of EOS:

“EOS, or Electro Optic Systems, is only "little" when placed next to US behemoths like Lockheed Martin or Raytheon. Based in Canberra it's been a quiet achiever, developing remote-controlled weapons systems and space sensors that are world leaders. These are, if you like, the new version of the sarissa, that long, six-metre pike used by Alexander, except that they're a bit more advanced than two rods of wood that click together.

EOS has developed entirely new ways of harnessing directed energy and new automatic sensor technologies. Because these rely on genuinely world-leading technological breakthroughs and innovation, its products were picked-up by foreign military purchasers from Europe to the Middle East. But not, until recently, Australia.”

Image: Canberra Times

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