Weapons firm promises bang for your buck

Budget backing for Defence is a win for a Canberra business

The Australian journalist Ben Packham interviewed Grant Sanderson recently for an article.

Article excerpt:

Canberra defence company Electro Optic Systems will arm the next generation of Australia Army vehicles and will next year commercialise a directed-energy weapon that can shoot down drones.

Grant explains:

"Our core technologies are in optical sensors, lasers, and the software control and stabilisation to use those systems at very long ranges, to find very challenging targets. What I have been saying to the investor community is that whilst we have always had 5-10 per cent of the revenue from Australian sales, there is now optimism that number could grow considerably."

Pictured from left: Aaron Clark, Daniel Thet and Eamon Gray with a remote weapons system at EOS' high-tech Canberra facility. Photograph by Sean Davey

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