The Singapore Airshow 2022

Despite lower attendance due to COVID-19, the Singapore Airshow still attracted over 13,000 attendees over the four-day event.  EOS was invited by Austrade Singapore to share our export journey with the Team Defence Australia (TDA) delegation. We were hounoured to welcome the Australian High Commissioner to Singapore on day 1 who acknowledges the work both EOS and TDA have been doing to promote Australian exports in the region.

The overall highlight show, from an EOS perspective, would have to be the Directed Energy (DE) Effector, drawing attention from several senior members of the Singapore Armed Forces, as well as the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA).  This included a visit to the EOS booth from DSTA staff, the better understand the capabilities of the EOS Directed Energy with regards to their CUAS capabilities build up, especially regarding the DE effector’s power scalability as a potential solution for their specific CUAS scenarios and applications.  Visitors to the booth in general seemed impressed and interested were impressed by the TITANIS Layered Choice platform for taking down Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), with many questions and discussions taking place.

A big thanks to the Singapore EOS team and their partners (mention people/organisations specifically?) for their hard work to make the EOS booth as impressive as it was (see below):

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