laser pushing space debris to protect vital space asset

The New Battlefield: Space defence and the future of military operations

17 JUNE 2024 | 3:00 PM, Alpha Conference Room

Dr Ben Greene joins esteemed guest speakers from Defence, Academia, and Industry for a roundtable discussion.

This panel explores emerging technologies and strategies in space defence, covering laser technology, satellite systems, space-based surveillance and anti-satellite capabilities. Our diverse panel of experts will provide fresh, multi-dimensional insights into the integration and impact of space technology in military operations. This is an unmissable opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of space defence's future and its strategic significance in modern warfare.


Tereza Pultarova - Science and Technology Journalist, Shephard Media


  • Dr Ben Greene – Chief Innovation Officer, Electro Optic Systems
  • Juliana Suess – Research Fellow for Space Security, RUSI
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Haensler – Head of Research Unit S2AD and DTIS, Onera
  • Rory Welch – VP Global Government & Satellite Services, Intelsat
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