T2000 Directed Energy Turret Unveiled

T2000 Directed Energy Turret Unveiled


Article by Robin Hughes 

EOS Defence Systems has disclosed development of an integrated directed-energy (DE) weapon system variant of its T2000 modular medium calibre turret, designed specifically to address the escalating top attack threat posed to infantry/armoured fighting vehicles (IFVs/AFVs) by the proliferation and increasing sophistication of hostile unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and air-launched loitering weapon systems.

An internally-funded initiative, the T2000-DE is evolved from the T2000 fully-integrated manned turret system currently in development as the lethality solution for a number of programmes, including the Australian Department of Defence (‘Defence’) Land 400 Phase 3 tracked IFV requirement. A recommendation on the preferred tender for that programme is scheduled to be presented to the Australian Government for consideration in 2022.

"As we’ve recently seen in Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh and elsewhere, there is a proliferation of weaponised drones/loitering munitions and they are coming in very large numbers in addition to the conventional missile threats", said Matt Jones, Chief Executive Officer, EOS Defence Systems (Australia). "The DE system not only provides that hard kill effect at closer ranges, but also gives you range and capability to blind or degrade C2/ISR threats that you can’t get out of other systems that the turret carries," he added.

"The T2000-DE is part of a CUAS system which is complemented by the T2000 main armament and remote weapon stations. Our intent is to offer a layered integrated solution that provides area coverage but retains individual capability to defeat drone threats," said Grant Sanderson CEO, EOS Defence Systems (Global).

"For example, a T2000-DE system would be used provide overhead protection for a Combat Team of vehicles but each of the other vehicles equipped with a T2000 would be able to engage drone and UAS threats as well. I expect if the Combat Team was operating 15 armoured vehicles, there would one T2000-DE equipped platform to offer the protection for the remaining platforms while each of the other vehicles would have a variant of the T2000 that could also engage drones," he added.

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