Sharewise Webinar With Andreas Schwer and Clive Cuthell

Electro Optic Systems (ASX:EOS) Investor Presentation

EOS has been busy recently, launching new products, signing up new customers, cutting costs and improving cashflow. This Sharewise webinar is an opportunity for investors to find out more about the progress being made by the new leadership team. 

Topics covered:

  • Recent A$181m conditional contracts secured to supply Ukraine, plus more opportunities in discussion
  • Business turnaround initiated by the new leadership team installed in H2 2022 (CEO, CFO & Chair):
    • Phase I is completed, this involved securing funding, reducing costs, and conducting a portfolio review/ execution
    • Phase II is currently in progress and focuses on collecting cash from existing customers and securing new orders
  • New product commercialisation including a low cost Anti-Drone (CUAS) system

EOS has appointed a new CEO and CFO to drive the turnaround, resulting in reduced costs and improved cashflow. Measures taken include refinancing with an equity investor, terminating the SpaceLink venture, workforce reductions, and securing new sales contracts totalling AUD$250 million, including an AUD$80 million contract with Ukraine. Additionally, a contract renegotiation has sped up the realisation of an AUD$150 million asset. In Q1, EOS achieved a positive net cashflow of AUD$24 million, reflecting our commitment to financial stability and growth.

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