MARSS highlights NiDAR's power in US-Saudi Counter-Drone exercise

Published 9 January 2024 | Defence and Security Middle East

In the recent Red Sands Live Fire Exercise 23.2, the US and Saudi Arabia collaborated to enhance their military ties and develop strategies to counter unmanned aerial system (UAS) threats. This operation, a blend of advanced technologies and tactical training, aimed to bolster the defensive capabilities of both nations against evolving drone dangers.

The exercise was a sophisticated event, featuring a variety of counter-drone technologies, drone targets, and scenarios based on intricate enemy tactics. Among the technologies showcased was MARSS’s NiDAR system, a standout for its innovative approach to UAS defence.

Jeff Tipton, MARSS’s Business Development Director in Defence, shared his experience: “Our participation allowed us to showcase the NiDAR Command and Control Centre’s effectiveness to key military leaders, including the US CENTCOM Commander and the Chief of General Staff of the Royal Saudi Armed Forces. It was an honour to collaborate with such esteemed professionals.”

NiDAR’s demonstration highlighted its user-friendly interface and its ability to consolidate data from multiple sensors into a cohesive tactical overview, a significant advancement over traditional systems which often require multiple operators.

Tipton further noted, “MARSS’s AI technologies autonomously identify, categorise, and track threats, reducing operator burden and improving decision-making and response times.”

Additionally, the exercise featured a collaboration between MARSS and EOS Defence Systems USA in the CUAS Hard Kill Challenge, displaying innovative counter-UAS methods. EOS CEO Phil Coker remarked on the synergy between advanced battle management systems and precise kinetic kill capabilities.

Following the success of Red Sands 23.1 in March 2023, MARSS and EOS have been invited to participate in Red Sands 2024, where they plan to demonstrate their fully networked end-to-end CUAS solutions.

Tipton concluded with anticipation for the next event: “At Red Sands 2024, we aim to showcase NiDAR’s full cueing capability and demonstrate our ability to effectively counter drones.”

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