In the Media: Hypersonics and Directed Energy


By Ewen Levick, Australian Defence Magazine (May 2023 Issue), featuring commentary on Directed Energy from Matt Jones, Executive Vice President, EOS Defence Systems

Western drone technology is world-leading and has featured on deployments for years. Technologies like Iran’s Shahed drones are nothing new. What is more concerning is the proliferation of small and cheap drones, like those used by both Russian and Ukrainian soldiers to spy on trenches, drop grenades, or provide accurate targeting for long-range fires. In particular, the ability of these drones to loiter directly above a target poses a challenge to kinetic air defences, which have trouble firing straight upwards.

One solution is directed energy systems, pioneered in Australia by Canberra-based Electro Optic Systems. Known for its space situational awareness, remote controlled weapons systems and comms capabilities, EOS has also been internally funding development of a high energy laser weapon.

“In the past three years EOS has been internally funding a development program for a high energy laser capability, in particular to target the counter-UAS market,” Matt Jones, Executive Vice President Defence Systems, said. “The current capability we’ve fielded for tests and evaluations is 36 kW and we plan to further develop it into a 50 plus kW DE system within the next six months.”

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