EOS team double defence award winner

Congratulations to the EOS team winning big again, this time at the Defence Connect, Australian Defence Industry Awards held on 26 November 2020.

Well done to:

James, it was said at the Awards ceremony, had 'placed himself well above the pack for the pursuant and consistent teachings behind space domain awareness. This knowledge is paramount for the growth and development of the defence industry'. Read James' Story.

Of EOS Defence Systems it was said, 'Being at the forefront of a highly competitive industry has led this firm to operate in a unique and inventive way with huge potential for continued and sustained growth.'

Speaking of the win, Grant Sanderson, CEO for EOS Defence Systems said, “EOS is primarily an export company. We’ve been exporting for the past 35 years, that’s where most of our revenue comes from; at the moment we doing about 95% of that business overseas. In the last two years we have doubled, even in the trying conditions of 2020 we managed to increase that export business by 25%. The real unsung heroes of the business are production team led by Dr Warwick Holloway and Paul Andel.

The 183 people that work in our factories in Hume and Queanbeyan have done an absolutely outstanding job this year. I would also like to encourage those other businesses who I see in front of me, Penten, the Whiskey Boat Project, Seeing Machines, all of these fantastic Australian companies that are starting to do massive amounts of business overseas. It’s a fantastic thing. I’d also like to single out our Head of Communications. Jo (Ramsay) has done an outstanding job for us all around the world she has taken us international in terms of our presence online over the last two years and she’s made a massive and significant difference.”

A full list of winners and information on the award criteria can be found here.

Relive the winning moments, watch the recording of the live-stream here.

Refer to the following timestamps: James Bennett, Scientist of the Year: 2:17; Export Business of the Year: 2:54.

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