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Recycling for good

EOS has put its old tools to good use, donating 12 torque wrenches, worth roughly $3000 when purchased new, to local Galilee School. Galilee is an independent secondary school designed specifically for disengaged and vulnerable young people in years 7-10 in the ACT and surrounding areas for whom the mainstream schooling environment has struggled to deliver positive learning outcomes.

Galilee School offers a supportive and flexible learning program that aims to meet the individual needs of students but the cost to maintain it is high. Galilee School seeks to maintain a 1:5, staff to student ratio and provides all recourses for the students including text books, writing materials, transport to and from school and even food throughout the day.

EOS’ donation will be used in the School’s STEM facility where students will learn important skills from basic electronics, to wood and metal fabrication.

Galilee School employs a team of highly skilled educators, youth workers and support staff who are able to support students presenting with a range of learning abilities. They provide students with a quality education aligned with the Australian Curriculum and tailored to achieve the objectives outlined in each student's Individual Learning Plan.

Galilee School operates two campuses in Canberra: their Kambah site supports students in Years 7, 8 and 9 and their Holder site supports Year 10 students. The learning environments available at Galilee School provide a range of opportunities for students to engage with their learning and to explore individual interests and passions while upskilling social and emotional capabilities. To increase the education and employment opportunities for students, Galilee School also provides training, skill development and job ready support for students transitioning to the workforce or to further educational opportunities.

The program provided by Galilee School builds and develops long-term resilience and resourcefulness in the young people attending the school. Students leave Galilee School with a heightened sense of respect for themselves and for others as well as having increased levels of self-confidence.

Galilee School is owned and operated by Communities@Work. A local Canberra not-for-profit that offers a wide range of support and services for the Canberra Community including many of Canberra’s most vulnerable.

Their future as a school includes:

  • Foreshadowed extension to Years 11 and 12 (with the program having a strong vocational emphasis);
  • Near future official opening of the STEM lab at Kambah;
  • Future commissioning of a Technology Workshop to provide woodwork and metal work opportunities;
  • A bike workshop where students will service and repair the fleet of Galilee School push bikes and (potentially) also offer these services to the community;
  • A future operational hospitality facility providing cafe style food and beverage service to members of the community.

With assistance and donations from the community and organisations like EOS, Galilee School can focus on providing the best possible education for their students, resulting in a much brighter future.

Pictured: Rodney Crafter of Galilee School with Brittany Olde of EOS.

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