EOS Space Systems Research Awards Launched

EOS is delighted to support the next generation of Australian space engineers and scientists through our continued involvement with the Andy Thomas Space Foundation 2022 Space Education Fund.

Created for a second year the EOS Space Systems Research Awards, part of the Jupiter Program, will award 3 prizes valued at $10,000 each to researchers and doctoral candidates selected for the most innovative research project proposals in specified space technology fields.

Lauren Fell, Sabrina Slimani, Skevos Karpathakis, and Joshua Critchley-Marrows, inaugural winners of the 2021 awards were selected for their outstanding research project proposals in the fields of space science and engineering.

The 2022 Space Education Fund, with its expanded set of scholarship and prize programs, to a value of more than $300,000 aims to create high-quality space education opportunities for students and researchers across Australia.

Glen Tindall, CEO for EOS Space Systems said, "It's only by investing in the nation's best and brightest young researchers that we will achieve the ambition of advancing Australia's space capabilities and creating an enduring sovereign space industry. EOS is deeply committed to building an Australian space industry, and we take pride in the significant financial and career support we've been able to provide to our talented Australian STEM practitioners over many years.”

Andy Thomas Space Foundation Chair, Michael Davis AO said, “We were delighted with the response to our ambitious inaugural programs. There is no doubt that young people are intrigued by the wonder of space, and by sustaining and rewarding their interest, the Foundation is making a tangible contribution to the development of our industry and the creation of a highly-skilled, STEM-educated workforce.”

EOS’ partnership with the Andy Thomas Space Foundation is an important component of our broader program of support for the STEM pipeline, which includes internships, PhD supervision and a range of collaborations with leading universities. In the last five years alone, EOS has directly funded more than $20 million in Commonwealth-sponsored research.

The space industry is an evolving environment that continually brings new engineering problems and challenges to solve - and EOS has great confidence that the next generation of Australian space engineers and scientists will be able to solve them.

For more information about The Andy Thomas Space Foundation visit https://andythomas.foundation/

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