EOS Retains Heavyweight (Space) Title

Congratulations to the EOS Space Systems team winners for the second year in a row of the group award "Business of the Year (Large)" in the 2021 Space Connect, Australian Space Awards held on 4 June 2021.

Speaking of the team’s big win, Craig Smith CEO for EOS Space Systems said:

“Well this is most certainly an honour, particularly when you consider the calibre of the amongst the group of nominees for this award category. All are deserving in their own way and I applaud your achievements.

I can say that the past year has been challenging in business as it has been for all Australians, indeed all humans. So I am quite proud that notwithstanding a global pandemic we have been able to keep all our staff safe and healthy and at the same time still grow the businesses.

Leading a team of such talented and dedicated space professionals is too an honour. The culture of cooperation and consideration for others, good nature, humour, respect and willingness to exchange ideas is unparalleled in my experience.

Everyone is without doubt dedicated to delivering the best possible outcomes for our customers, staff, shareholders and supply chain. This award reflects that commitment.

At EOS we are building the largest and most capable Australian space company this county has ever seen. So thank you for this recognition which offers so much encouragement to continue on this quest. Building a capability that is of national significance is important to me personally and to the company and contributes to the prosperity and security of our nation."

A full list of winners and information on the award criteria can be found here.

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