EOS Professorial Chair Established at UQ

Technical Initiative: University Sector

In a parallel development reinforcing EOS’ long term commitment to collaborative innovation, EOS has committed over $750,000 towards establishing a permanent EOS Professorial Chair in Microwave and Photonic Engineering and Applied Electromagnetics at the University of Queensland. The Chair will establish a world-leading research and teaching group in areas closely aligned to emerging societal requirements in communications. EOS expects to collaborate closely with the post-graduate programs of this new university research group in various hybrid communication research programs.

Group CEO of EOS, Dr Ben Greene, said:

"The research initiatives with the SmartSat CRC and the University of Queensland are expected to support EOS future growth in the same way that EOS research investments of the past decade are driving high growth in EOS today. They emphasise an EOS commitment to responsive and innovative technological solutions to market demand.

Similarly, by founding a new Chair at the University of Queensland, EOS reinforces its commitment to leverage Australian university research to develop world leading technologists and products. We are also excited to initiate the teaching of courses that will cover emerging applications of microwave and optics engineering in space and broadband satellite communications, and to support postgraduate research into active microwave and photonic engineering."

Along with the establishment of the Professorial Chair, a new EM Solutions Engineering Scholarship will be set up at the University of Queensland.

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