EOS Invests in Raider Targetry System

Land Forces 2021, Brisbane, 3 June 2021 – Electro Optic Systems (EOS) through its Defence Systems subsidiary today announced the signing of a contract with RAIDER Targetry for the provision of its Mobile Moving Target System (MMTS). The targets will allow EOS to conduct development testing and customer demonstrations in Australia using an Australian designed and built product.

Grant Sanderson, CEO for EOS Defence Systems said, “RAIDER Targetry will provide EOS with an Australian developed and manufactured target system to support our programs in Australia and internationally. It’s a great innovation.”

The MMTS is a day/night combined arms moving target system that adds variable dynamic elements to any live fire or live simulation training. It can mimic the appearance of cars, trucks and armoured vehicles, through its modular target mount.  The delivery will include patented Generated Heat On Demand technology, allowing both optical and thermal signatures to be observed.

Sanderson continued “EOS is making significant investments in building a capability to conduct test firing of our systems in Australia and RAIDER Targetry will be integral to this. The impacts of COVID-19 and our growth in products and programs mean we need to be able to conduct firing without reliance of government facilities.

Executive Director of RAIDER Targetry, Associate Professor Mick Fielding said, “We are proud to be supporting EOS across a number of significant programs with our Australian-made product, which will enable EOS technology to be exercised to its full potential within Australia’s borders and beyond.”

RAIDER Targetry will deliver the MMTS to EOS in the coming months to support a comprehensive Australian test fire program of the R400 remote weapon station, the T2000 turret and the Titanis directed energy system.

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