EOS and Austec showcased in Moon to Mars Initiative

EOS is proud to be featured with partner Austec in the Australian Government's Australian Space Agency Moon to Mars program, growing the Australian space industry.

In 2020 the Australian Space Agency launched consultations across the country to seek feedback and input on the design of the $150 million Moon to Mars initiative and grant opportunities.

The Moon to Mars initiative is a $150 million investment over five years to:

  • provide an opportunity to showcase to the world Australia’s best ideas and technologies that can support space missions to the Moon and on to Mars
  • fuel the growth of Australian businesses so they can thrive in international space supply chains that support Moon to Mars activities
  • create jobs and support the transformation of industries across Australia

EOS has been working with Austec for almost 20 years. Austec manufactures telescope components and structural steel assemblies for telescopes, lasers and dome enclosures designed by EOS. Austec was founded in 1994 by Mike Bateup and Mick Rummery and provide a wide range of engineering services to their extensive customer base.

Austec manufactured all of the steel components and performed the installation of the enclosure for the ANU Skymapper telescope. This telescope for Brian Schmidt (Nobel Prize winner), now Vice Chancellor and President of ANU, replaced the 50 inch Great Melbourne Telescope that was destroyed by 2003 bushfires in Canberra. Austec also manufactured most of the steel work for telescopes at the EOS Space Surveillance Tracking centre in Western Australia (pictured above).

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