EOS acquires precision optics provider KiwiStar Optics

Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited (EOS) has entered into an agreement with Callaghan Innovation to acquire the assets and hire the personnel of KiwiStar Optics (KSO).

Announcing the agreement, Craig Smith, Chief Technology Officer of EOS said, “KiwiStar Optics is a unique global capability and a vital supplier to EOS. As Australian’s largest space company, we are delighted to secure and expand this essential part of the space industry.”

KSO produces precision optics (telescope lenses up to and over 1 m in diameter) and spectrographs.

EOS will make a significant investment in KSO to protect and grow its technologies. KSO has a small workforce who are highly trained in precision optics and/or have educational backgrounds in engineering, physics, mathematics, astronomy or optics.

EOS has been a major customer of KSO for many years, and EOS sees an opportunity to leverage its own global network to expand KSO’s marketing and distribution reach.

EOS is also investing to add further capability to KSO through an investment in new state-of-the-art optical equipment via the asset purchase of Arizona Optical Services, a world leader in the manufacture of large aspheric optics. This will augment the existing equipment and skill base of the KSO team.

About KiwiStar Optics

KiwiStar Optics produces precision optics for astronomy. The company designs, manufactures and installs large precision lenses, astronomical spectrographs, optical components and instruments, and offers end-to-end custom solutions.

KSO makes the following products:

Large precision optics: Telescope lenses in the 0.5 m–1 m range remain a niche market internationally due to the inherent technical challenges in the relevant manufacturing processes. KSO’s master opticians have a specialist skill set that enables the design, milling, polishing and alignment processes to produce high-quality large precision optics.

Spectrographs: KSO has significant technical expertise and experience in spectrograph design, manufacture and installation.

About Callaghan Innovation

Callaghan Innovation, a Crown entity of New Zealand, has the task of making New Zealand business more innovative. It was established in February 2013 and Industrial Research Limited, a Crown Research Institute, was merged into it. The institute takes its name from Sir Paul Callaghan, a prominent New Zealand physicist who died in 2012. Callaghan Innovation activates innovation and helps businesses grow faster for a better New Zealand.

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