DTR Magazine Unpacks T2000 Capability

T2000 Turret to Join Land 400 RMA

Team Redback, led by Hanwha Defense Australia plan to demonstrate two turrets during the Land 400 Phase 3 RMA - the Elbit Land Systems MT30 and the EOS Defence Systems T2000.

To the untrained eye these turrets look almost identical, and presumably perform the same as well. Beneath the skin however, the turrets have different capabilities and characteristics. The T2000 is not simply 'an MT30 with an EOS sticker' as some have suggested.

The T2000 turret fitted to the Hanwha Redback Infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) have been tendered under the Land 300 Phase 3 program. EOS joined Hanwha's Team Redback in 2019 to pursue the LAND 400 Phase 3 IFV program in Australia. Team Redback's objective was clear: create the most capable medium-calibre turret available by combining the best of international technology with EOS electro-optics (EO) and fire control systems (FCS).

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