Dr Ben Greene to step down as Group CEO of EOS

Electro Optic Systems (EOS) today announced a change of leadership, with the Canberra-headquartered technology company’s co-founder and long-time Group CEO, Dr Ben Greene, stepping down from his current position and moving into the newly created role of Head of Innovation. That role will become effective upon the appointment of Dr Greene’s successor.

The Head of Innovation position will ensure that Dr Greene’s much-valued contributions to the company continue in a capacity that best suits his wishes and EOS’ future requirements.

Peter Leahy, AC, Chair of EOS, said, “Dr Greene’s resignation as CEO comes after several decades of committed service and leadership to EOS as its founder and leader.

“Dr Greene’s technological and engineering capabilities can only be described as world-leading and visionary. His initial designs for remote weapon stations and space situational awareness capabilities set a global standard in the defence and space technology sectors.

“On behalf of the EOS Board of Directors, I wish to express deep gratitude to Dr Greene for his tireless efforts over many years and for his unwavering commitment to the Company, its employees and its shareholders. The Board welcomes Dr Greene’s ongoing commitment to the Company as its Head of Innovation, where his tremendous technological and scientific capabilities will be put to best use.”

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