C4 EDGE Partner Roundup, Sovereign SMEs Welcomed

Throughout this week (10-14 August) new partners from all around Australia were welcomed to the C4 EDGE team

Monday 10 August: New South Wales

3ME Technology and GME

Headquartered in Newcastle, 3ME Technology specialises in state-of-the-art battery management systems for mission-critical applications.

Justin Bain, CEO 3ME Technology said:

"A core value of 3ME Tech is innovation through collaboration. As an Australian Veteran Owned Business (AVOB) with a mix of operational and technical experience with C4 systems, we are privileged to be working with the high-calibre participants and supporting next-generation sovereign capabilities”.

Joining from Winston Hills, GME specialises in the design, development, prototype, test manufacturing, certification and support through the life of RF communication systems, including encrypted radios and emergency beacons using in-house Australian engineers, expertise and production line.

Warwick Clancy, CEO, GME said:

“GME are very excited to participate in this once in a life time Australian industry opportunity. We are very proud to be a part of this team and are looking forward to delivering value to the Army in conjunction with other likeminded Australian organisations via EOS and the C4 EDGE program.”

Tuesday 11 August: Queensland

EM Solutions

Headquartered in Brisbane, EM Solutions is a trusted technology developer of innovative microwave and on-the-move radio and satellite products that help to deliver high speed telecommunications anywhere in the world.

Dr Rowan Gilmore, CEO, EM Solutions, said: "EM Solutions is delighted to be participating in C4 EDGE. For two decades we have been exporting our locally designed and manufactured satellite communications equipment, but only in the past five years has the Australian Defence Force started to deploy ours. As evident with C4 EDGE, we applaud the continuation of the recent Defence Industry Policy to buy Australian, build national resilience and grow Australian jobs, whenever local industry is able to demonstrate its capability to do so in a cost effective way."

Wednesday, 12 August: Victoria 


Headquartered in West Melbourne, Tectonica Australia specialises in developing integrated systems for armoured vehicles, ground stations and soldiers in the areas of protected navigation, portable power and local situational awareness.

Commenting on the program, David Levy, Managing Director, Tectonica Australia said:

“The C4 EDGE program highlights the breadth and depth of Australia’s sovereign defence industry.  Tectonica looks forwards to contributing its knowledge and experience in soldier systems to deliver the Australian Army a best of breed C4 capability”.

Thursday, 13 August: Western Australia and Tasmania

Barrett Communications and CBG Systems

Western Australian Barrett Communications designs, manufactures and markets HF and VHF radio equipment for specialised, autonomous, medium and long distance radio communications.

Commenting on the program, Andrew Burt, CEO, Barrett Communications said:

“Barrett are excited to be a participant in the C4 EDGE Team bringing the inherent capability of Australian Industry together to provide defence a truly sovereign communications capability for the future.”

Tasmanian CBG Systems specialises in the design and manufacture of leading edge structural fire protection systems, thermal signature management and Moonraker antenna systems for global defence, commercial and recreational markets.

Commenting on the program, Javier Herbon, CEO, CBG Systems said:

“We are very pleased to be involved in this collaboration of leading Australian advanced manufacturing companies. It represents a unique opportunity to showcase Australia’s sovereign capability in the development of evolutionary communications environments”.

Friday 14 August: South Australia

Codan Communications and Solinnov

The SA C4 EDGE partners Codan Communications and Solinnov were officially welcomed to the team by South Australian senator David Fawcett at an event held at Codan's Adelaide headquarters.

Senator Fawcett congratulated the growing C4 EDGE team, saying:

“This contract allows an innovative approach for a partnership of SMEs around Australia — including Codan Communications and Solinnov here in SA — to leverage their collective IP and expertise to demonstrate that Australian industry can provide an advanced, integrated command and control environment designed for the Australian Army’s mission and environment.”

Codan Communications as a leading international designer and manufacturer of premium communications solutions brings its worldwide capability for the military, defence, humanitarian, peacekeeping, commercial, security and public safety markets. Commenting on the program, Paul Sangster, Executive General Manager, Codan Communications said:

“Codan has over 60 years’ experience delivering outstanding technical solutions for defence, safety, and security markets in some of the harshest environments on earth and we are proud to be part of Australia’s C4 EDGE communications program”.

Solinnov, also based in Adelaide, brings its specialist digital signal processing high-performance software-defined radios. Sanka Piyaratna, CEO and Managing Director, Solinnov said:

“We believe that future wars will be fought and won by agile, ubiquitous, and smart networks of military machines that provide intelligence and support for commanders to make human decisions. A key aspect of this endeavour is electromagnetic (EM) spectrum domination. The C4 EDGE program is a great opportunity to disrupt the conventional wisdom and set an example with Australian Defence and our allies in innovating new ways of thinking for EM domination. We are proud to be at the forefront of this journey and contribute to innovations that foster Australian sovereignty and the technology edge.”

Image: Top left clockwise: QLD partner: EM Solutions; NSW partners: 3ME Technology, GME;  SA partners: Codan Communications with Solinnov; VIC partner: Tectonica; WA partner: Barrett Communications; TAS partner: CBG Systems; ACT partners:  1LM, Insitec MIS, Kord Defence, Outlander Solutions, Penten, Skykraft and XTEK being officially welcomed to Team C4 EDGE by Senator Zed Seselja, Army Colonel Deane Limmer, and EOS Defence Systems CEO Grant Sanderson.

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