APC Technology joins C4 EDGE

The Adelaide-based firm has joined the defence industry co-operative to support its work to deliver enhanced capability to the Australian Army.

APC Technology has become the latest member of C4 EDGE (Evolutionary Digital Ground Environment) — a defence co-operative led by EOS Defence Systems exploring the development of a sovereign land battlegroup and below communications environment for the Australian Army.

The South Australian firm is expected to leverage its experience in the design and manufacture of military specification communication systems, particularly GVA displays.

“The program provides us with the opportunity to collaborate with innovative SMEs across Australia with the objective to design, develop and manufacture a military communications system,” Scott Begbie, managing director of APC Technology said.

“The solutions will be engineered to meet the needs of the modern day army, providing an avenue for one entity which we are proud to be a part of, developing a protected, integrated and supportable sovereign system.”

Grant Sanderson, CEO of EOS Defence Systems, welcomed APC Technology to the co-operative.

“APC Technology, like EOS, has been a long-standing and hardworking member of the Australian defence industry for over 35 years, with their success built substantially through exports,” Sanderson said.

“They are a natural partner to the C4 EDGE team, having built an enviable international reputation for the quality of their Australian-made GVA display and technologies. They bring a wealth of customer satisfaction and product knowledge to help build a better Australian C4 battlegroup and below solution for the Australian soldier.”

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