25 October 2018

Fifth Annual Army Innovation Day 2018

25 October, 2018

Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra

Delivering a Next Generation Army: The Australian Army hosted its fifth consecutive annual Innovation Day at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra today with 19 companies from Australia and overseas presenting 24 industry proposals.

EOS presented its Multi-Mission System, an array of sensors and other systems integrated with the R400 Remote Weapon System.

Primarily oriented towards the Counter UAS market the Multi-Mission System provides sophisticated UAS detection, tracking and disabling systems onto a compact, easy to integrate package.

The Multi-Mission System can be fitted to lightweight vehicles and other platforms providing the (up to) 30mm lethality and accuracy that EOS has become known for, along with enhanced sensing and UAS soft kill capabilities that can be applied to a range of missions and tasks.  The Multi-Mission System is already attracting local and international interest and will add to EOS’ growing range of systems being promoted on the international stage.

Photo: EOS Multi-Mission System showcased at Land Forces 2018