16 July 2019

EOSCOM Test Satellite Achieves 21 Years Operation

Electro Optic Systems has achieved 21 years of operation with its EOSCOM communications test satellite

After 21 years of operation the satellite continues to provide EOS with unique capabilities for the development of advanced communication technologies and devices.

EOSCOM was launched on 17 July 1998 from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The satellite design, fabrication and placement in orbit was conceived, planned and funded entirely by EOS, with the Russian Space Agency providing support under contract to EOS.

At the time of its launch, EOS designated the satellite as “Westpac” to recognize the key role of the Western Pacific Laser Ranging Network [Westpac] in experiments associated with the initial science program for the satellite. The Westpac organisation is a multi-national collaboration in space research and operations.

EOS has provided key office holders in Westpac since its foundation in Canberra in 1994.  Five Westpac member countries have commercially acquired and deployed EOS space technology and products.

After completion of the science program in 2013 the satellite was renamed EOSCOM to reflect its long-term mission as an EOS communication test bed.

Key missions undertaken during the initial science program included: