17 April 2019

EOS Showcases World Leading Technology at 2019 AUSA Global Symposium

26-28 March 2019

EOS Defense Systems USA was proud to be part of the 2019 AUSA Global Force Symposium and Exposition held at the Von Braun Center,  Huntsville Alabama. Held over three days, the annual event is designed for government and industry to come together and share their latest technology.

EOS showcased the R400S Mk2 Remote Weapon System (RWS) in dual configuration with the NG M230LF lightweight 30 mm cannon, with coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, and Javelin ATGM, mounted on the roof of a HMMWV. Also previewed was the R800S RWS, a pedestal form weapon station mounting a full-size 30x173mm cannon. The R800S delivers substantial weight savings over even the lightest unmanned turrets and whilst achieving an ammunition load larger than most turrets.

Featured: President of EOS Defense Systems USA, Phil Coker in front of the R800S mock-up, explaining the EOS lethality package.