Maximum dual firepower for mission flexibility and responsiveness in operation

The R600 remote weapon system (RWS) integrates advanced surveillance capabilities with rapid engagement features, delivering exceptional performance and versatility on the battlefield. A notable feature is its outstanding first-round hit probability, thanks to its sophisticated ballistic solution.

The R600 offers a flexible dual weapon configuration, enabling operators to choose from a range of firepower options that best suit their mission requirements. These options include combinations of 7.62 mm, 12.7 mm, 40 mm automatic grenade launcher (AGL).

To enhance lethality, the R600 Missile Carrier (R600MC) combines medium-calibre firepower with multiple anti-tank or anti-air missiles. Weighing less than 725kg (1,600 lbs), this system empowers manoeuvre units to effectively address any threat on the modern battlefield. Commanders can configure the missile pods to neutralise the most dangerous targets, while the standard medium-calibre main armament and 7.62 coaxial machine gun provide vehicle commanders with effective self-defence firepower.

The R600 is currently in service with a customer in South-East Asia.

  • Twin automatic weapon configurations including cannon
  • High degree of ballistic protection
  • Integration into tight internal vehicle spaces
  • Sub-milliradian accuracy
  • Integrated video tracker with video and audio recording options
  • Integrated firing inhibit zones with field adjustment
  • Configurable with a variety of third effectors including Javelin, Stinger, Coyote or APKWS
  • Tailorable lethality for mission profiles
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