Fully integrated, layered counter-drone system with soft, hard and high energy laser kill capabilities.

The Titanis Counter Drone Defence System was developed by EOS to address the growing threat from malicious and threatening unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Using robust battle proven technology from best-in-class sensor and defeat system providers.

Titanis can counter single UAS threats and swarm UAS tactics.

Titanis system detects and tracks the UAS threat using state-of-the art software defined, multi-mission, 4D AESA pulse Doppler radar and passive radio frequency detection. It tracks the threat using high precision infrared and daylight cameras and advanced video tracking software, before using a non-kinetic radio frequency (RF) inhibitor to defeat the drones. Should the RF inhibitor not be effective, Titanis switches to hard kill to destroy the UAS.

Titanis is built upon field proven sub-systems to detect all types of drones including fixed wing and quadcopters up to 600kg or less (Group 3).

The system offers detect-to-defeat capabilities with a response time typically between 1-4 seconds, ensuring rapid action against UAS threats. It provides customisable lethality options, ranging from a 7.62 mm MG up to a 54kW high energy laser, allowing for adaptable and tailored countermeasures.

Additionally, the detection and countermeasure capabilities of Titanis are scalable, accommodating individual vehicles as well as large facilities.

  • Active radar sensor
  • RWS sensor unit optical detection using day camera & thermal camera
  • Passive RF detection
  • RWS tracking radar
  • Command and control capability
  • Communications network – Meshnet
  • Kinetic ballistic using any weapon such as MAG58 or M134D
  • Directed energy
  • Electronic warfare jammers
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